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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Just like us, dogs also need to be washed; however, they cannot do that on their own. That is why, as dog lovers and owners, we should take the responsibility of bathing them. It is important for them to be washed so that, they will stay healthy. Also, we can hug and play with our dogs if they are squeaky clean. Sometimes, we even lay allow them to sleep on our bed. In this article on how often should you bathe your dog – given are the details which can help you take good care of your pet and make his life worthwhile.

how often should you bathe your dog

We have all heard that frequent bathing of dogs can make their skin dry. Bathing aids in keeping your dog’s coat and skin clean, free of parasites and healthy. Because of the dog’s playful attitude, they often get dirty that you may need to bath them regularly.

However, not all dogs are water lovers. Others are just obviously afraid of water and often, run away when you need to wash them. It is really not easy to take care of dogs because it is like taking care of a baby. But, these things are not hard to those people who love and value their pet dogs so much.

Dogs almost have the same needs like us. They need food, shelter, love, care, vaccines and medicines when they will be sick, and they need to be washed for them to become clean. Other dog owners even asked how often should you bath a dog but still, there is no definite and specific answer to this query.

Things To Ponder On Determining How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog:

1. Does Your Pet Dog Sleep In Your Own Bed? Does Your Dog Always Stay Inside The House Or Outside?

You probably need to wash your dog regularly if your dog always stays at home and especially if she is sleeping in your bed. However, it also depends on the breed. You can wash your dog from once a week to once a month.

2. The Breed Of The Dog

Hard-textured coats don’t get dirty often because they repel the dirt easily compared to soft-coated dogs. Hard-textured breeds can be bathed once a month such as labs, Shelties and Collies. Soft-coated breeds of dogs such as Shitzus, Maltese, Afghans and Yorkies should be washed once a week.

3. Do You Have A Family Member That Is Allergic To Dogs?

If you have a family member that is allergic to dogs, then you should regularly bath and groom your dog. Regular grooming and bathing of your dog will help remove the dander that is stuck on your dog’s fur.

4. What Are The Different Activities That Your Dog Joins?

Does your dog go to the park? Does your dog play on the sand or dirt? Does your dog roll on the grass and mud? If yes, then you really need to wash your dog every day. You dog’s coat will become dry but it will make him clean and smell better, and up to the point that you will hug your dog every time you see him.

5. Does Your Dog Suffer From Skin Problem?

We, humans, get and absorb all the allergens from our environment through our mouth and nose. That does not make any difference from dogs because they too get all the dirt through their skin. Washing your dog weekly can help remove the itchiness, dirt and allergens on their skin before they penetrate your dog’s skin.

In conclusion, the question ‘how often should you wash your dog’ does not really provide an exact answer because it depends on the situations stated above. However, for most dogs, washing them 2 to 4 times a week is advisable depending on the considerations stated.


How Often To Bathe A Dog?

The short answer is ‘not too often.’ If you wash your dog too often such as every week, it will only remove the natural oils that are needed for your dog’s coat. Your dog’s coat needs its natural oils that are secreted by his body in order to keep its silky and smooth coat. It also prevents your dog’s coat from getting damaged and brittle.

A good indicator for you to bathe your dog is when he gets smelly and dirty. Now, to those people who keep on asking how often to bathe a dog, the answer is already there.

Here Are Some Few Steps On How To Wash Your Dog:

  1. Before the bath, brush your dog first. Tangled hair holds more water that will make your dog’s skin irritated. However, if you cannot cut or brush the tangled hair, take your dog to a professional groomer. After that, place a cotton ball in both ears so that, water will not enter and prevent irritation and ear infections.
  2. Use lukewarm water in bathing your dog. Dog’s skin is much different from us, humans. They can easily get burned if you use hot water. Bath water for dogs should never be hotter than the water that is used for baby’s bath. For large-breed of dogs, owners have even used cooler water.
  3. Talk to your pet while bathing them in a reassuring and calm voice. Other dogs will really understand that bathing is not torturing them but others will still run away during their bath time.
  4. Use the shampoo that is only for dogs. Using their appropriate shampoo will keep their skin from drying unlike the shampoo for humans. Make a gentle lather using the shampoo and massage it all over your dog’s body. Please be careful not to reach the shampoo into your dog’s eyes.
  5. Rinse the shampoo well. Rinse, rinse and rinse thoroughly the shampoo from your dog’s body. Shampoo and soap that will be left on your dog’s fur can irritate his skin.
  6. Let your dog’s fur naturally dry. Avoid using blow dryers from humans because it will be too hot for your dog’s skin. Only use a blow-dryer that is only for dogs or air dry so that it will not cause dandruff and itching.
  7. Give a reward to your dog. After you bathe your dog, reward him by giving treats. You can either play with them, praise or by petting.


Where Should You Wash Your Dog?

Owners of small-breed dogs have advantages because they can just use the laundry tub or sink. However, if your dog does not fit on the sink, you can use the bath tub or get in the shower with your dog and use a removable plunger. You can also buy a portable doggie tub. Some doggie tubs are prepared using heavy plastic while others are collapsible and can be carried easily outside, in the mudroom or even in the laundry room.

However, if your dog is really filthy or the weather is good, then you can just use a garden hose. Dogs does not like being cold just like us and they do not like a hose shooting at them. That is why you should not do this often to your dog.

How Often Should You Bathe A Dog Depending On Their Breed?

Dog does not really need regular scrub unlike us but, they require regular baths. Here are some guidelines that you can follow:

  1. Washing or bathing once a month mostly works on most dogs.
  2. Breed of dogs that has oily coats. You may require to bath frequently as much as once a week like Basset Hounds.
  3. Short-haired breed of dogs with smooth coat. These breed of dogs is okay with less frequent baths such as Weimaraners and Beagles. Short-coated breed of dogs are particular in their personal cleanliness and seldom requires a bath such as Basenjis.
  4. Breeds of dogs with water-repellant coats. This breed of dogs should be bathed seldom in order to preserve the natural oils in their coat. Great Pyrenees and Golden Retrievers are the example of dogs with this type of coat.
  5. Breed of dogs with double and thick coats. These breeds of dogs do best with less baths and lots of extra brushing to remove the dead, loose hair and aids in distributing the natural oils that makes their coat and skin healthy.

If you have a hard time bathing your dog or your dog always run away during their bath time, maybe it is time for you to bring your dog to someone who makes bathing or washing dogs their livelihood. Professional groomers will not only bathe your dog, they will also clip their express anal sacs if you requested, and also nails; trim near the eyes and dry your dog off. Surely, the amount you will pay will be worth it.

Professional dog groomers are required to those breed of dogs whose hairs grow long. This breed of dog includes Springers, Yorkies, Maltese, Poodles and others. Hair will keep growing until it is cut because it does not shed unlike fur. Groomers are helpful in these dog cases as they deeply despise baths even if your dog has fur instead of hair. They already have experiences and techniques on making a dog behave suitable for this process.

Before you bath your dog, make sure that you will use a good quality shampoo that is recommended by your veterinarian; never let the water enter both of your dog’s ears by putting cotton balls to avoid infection; and rinse your dog thoroughly because any soap and shampoo that will be left on your dog’s fur can cause irritation to their skin.

If your dog loves to go swimming, like mud puddles, or your dog lives in the country and has a lot of activities such as rolling, running around and playing, then you may need to wash your dog more often compared to dogs that live in a condo in the city.

Never bathe your dog more frequently if it is not necessary because it will just remove the natural oils on your dog’s coat. When that happens, your dog’s coat will just be dry, which will make it vulnerable to mats, dandruff and frizzies. Other shampoos will just make your dog’s skin irritated and dry compared to others. In that case, you may need to switch to a different shampoo and bath your dog less often.

Again, there is no exact answer that is possible for the number of dog baths needed. Basically, the best way to know if your dog needs a bath is through smelling him. If your dog smells filthy and looks dirty, then that is the time that you need to run the water and give him a bath.

1. Considerations

You should know first the important details of your dog’s health and breed because it will help you determine how often should you wash a dog. Other breeds need more often bathing to make their hair controllable and get rid of the excess oils. Others may suffer from damaged hair and dry skin if washed frequently. Dogs that suffer from skin rashes and allergies may require baths too often for them to feel clean and help their skin to heal faster.

2. Supplies

Before bathing your dog, make sure that you already have all the supplies prepared. To control your dog’s fleas and dry hair, use a gentle baby human shampoo or a dog shampoo; and use a conditioner for dogs if needed. Have at least one large towel and a comb or brush to remove the tangled hair. Keep the water out of your dog’s ears by using cotton balls and help clean away the tear stains on your dog’s face.

3. Safety And Techniques

In order for you not to make the bathing experience of your dog into a scary and traumatic one, you should start bathing him as young and early as possible. Break up first the tangled hair and remove the loose hair by using a brushing comb before bathing your dog. Put a towel in the sink or tub to keep him steady for him to avoid sliding. Massage the shampoo on your dog’s body gently from the tail to the shoulders. Rinse thoroughly after that.

4. Warnings

Avoid shampooing your dog’s face. To wipe his face, use a washcloth. Avoid using human or cat shampoos because these types of shampoos are designed specifically for human and cats; also they have different pH level. To prevent him from running away, keep your hands on him all the time when you are running a bath. Prepare the towel to dry him once you are done bathing him because he will make a good shake to remove the excess water from his body.

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