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How To Choose Diabetic Dog Food

How To Choose Diabetic Dog Food

What to Do When Your Dog Has Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of Americans. The disease is caused by an inability of the body to properly produce the needed amount of insulin to break down sugar in the body. What this leads to is elevated sugar, which can be extremely dangerous to the diabetic person. In fact, it can be life-threatening if not properly treated. Can dogs have diabetes? How to choose diabetic dog food?

Your dog is also capable of getting diabetes. It just doesn’t seem logical that a dog could be a diabetic, but this is actually much more common than you would think. The same problems that arise in humans with the inability to produce insulin can also manifest themselves in your dog.

When this occurs. your dog is at risk to its health as well. The increased levels of sugar cannot only cause shock, but also lead to death. There are also the other issues that humans face with being diabetic. Dogs face these as well. Your dog can have difficulty with its circulation, which can lead to serious issues, including a need to amputate limbs.

For these reasons it is important for you and your family to care properly for your dog to keep him or her healthy. If you do not, you may find that the dog will be unhealthy and could even die.

Getting right dog food Is Important

Since diabetes is a problem related to the breakdown of sugars in the body, this means that you have to treat your dog much in the same way that you treat a human who has diabetes. This means that you can to remove excess sugars from the diet and feed foods that will not negatively impact your dog.Diabetic dog food

One of the most essential parts of this is to find the right diabetic dog food for your pet. There are dog foods that you can buy that are much healthier for your pet and can ensure that the nutrition that the dog is taking in will not negatively affect the health of your dog. You cannot take a risk like this and so it is comforting to know that there are foods out there that you can buy that will assist in promoting the health of your diabetic pet.

What Does the Diabetic Dog Food Do?

The diabetic is not able to properly control their own blood glucose levels. This means that the amount of sugars that are taken in by the dog need to be regulated and that is what the diabetic dog food is all about. The food is produced so that it provides the proper amount of sugars within normal levels for a dog.

What these kinds of food also do is increase the amount of fiber that the dog is receiving. This is good for several reasons. Not only does it aid in digestion, but these are much better sugars for your dog, which will put less stress on the dog’s system to break down the sugars that are present in the fiber. You will find that your dog will be a lot healthier by eating them for sure.

It’s the Glycemic Index

For those who have diabetes, this is a term you are probably more familiar with. The glycemic index is a scientific measurement tool that tells exactly how much of a food will be broken down and converted to blood glucose. This index is extremely accurate, which is good, because it lets the developers of the dog foods know exactly how the food will be broken down by the dog’s digestive system and converted to sugar.

Those foods that have a much lower glycemic index are the ones that will not produce sugars easily. This will help to keep the dog’s blood sugar lower, which will make the diabetes have minimal impact on the dog’s health.

Just to reiterate to you so you can be sure you are getting the best diabetic dog food, this index is quite accurate. The results have been continually tested and have been proven to give a proper index of how much blood sugar will be produced. While you may need to do a few others things to maintain the dog’s proper glucose level, this is a valuable tool in helping your dog to stay healthy.

What Kinds of Dog Foods Have a Low Glycemic Index Value?

This is the big question for you. If you are going to be helping to keep your dog’s diabetes under control, then you will need to find foods that will assist you in doing so. Fortunately, there are many good choices out there that are specific diabetic dog foods, but there are also others that have the same kind of value to you without being specifically labeled as for diabetic dogs.diabetic dog foods

Just as a general rule to you, what you are looking for are those foods that are much lower in carbohydrate levels. Carbohydrates are the primary producers of blood glucose in dogs, and in humans for that matter. They break down easily into sugars which can be dangerous for the dog.

What you should be aware of is that most kibbles have a base that is rooted in carbohydrates. This tells you that dried food may not be your best option. Canned food is quite the opposite in comparison, providing very little carbohydrates.

As a note, there are many that are against the high protein diets for dogs. A lot of vets are proposing that high protein causes kidney disease and kidney failure and so low protein diets are better for a dog. The evidence to this is inconclusive however.

What is likely is that high amounts of nitrogen or phosphorus in foods can be the cause of kidney issues for dogs. If you have a diabetic dog, a high protein diet is the preferred option to avoid the concerns about high carbohydrates, but some worry about kidney issues from the diet. You simply need to ensure that you watch the nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the food, and then the high protein diet is fine.

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