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How to Make a Dog Throw Up?

How to Make a Dog Throw Up?

Learning What to Do When You Need Your Dog to Vomit

We love our pets, but we must be honest to the fact that at times they will do things that are not very smart. This can be especially true for your dog. They will do some really silly things at times because of how curious they are, and this can cause serious problems on occasion. This is when we ask how to make a dog throw up ?

One of the things that dogs will do is eat things that are not good for them. They see something on the floor or see some liquid dripping down the wall and they just have to taste it to see what it is about. This is even more so when the thing they have come across has an appealing smell.

While most often this is not an issue, there are times when this can be a real problem. Your dog may eat something that can cause him or her some serious problems, and you have to get the dog to give that back up. This is why you need to know how to make a dog throw up.

Avoid These Things

First understand that there are things that you may eat that are incredibly bad for you dog. This includes such things as chocolate, coffee, and onions, but is not limited to just that. A dog will swallow pills that are on your cabinet or even eat flowers and plants that contain toxins. You need to keep these things from your pet, but they will get into them, so you should be prepared.

How to Make a Dog Throw Up?

Ok, time to get down to the basics. The first thing you want to do is to get the dog in a position where it is easy to throw up the contents of its stomach. This starts by putting the dog on some kind of platform where it can hang its head down. For you, it is good to have the dog throw up onto a linoleum floor, so a counter may be a good place. The deck is also good where it can throw up onto the grass below. You want some place that will be easy to clean and not damage something to make a dog throw up

Next, get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and pour a small amount onto a spoon. It is time for the tough part. Grab the jaw of your dog and using your thumb and index finger pull down on the jaw to open it wide enough to put the spoon in. Be aware that the dog is going to be squirming to get away, so you will want to make sure that protect your fingers with a glove so they are not bitten.

With a good grip on the jaw, tilt the dog’s head back. Now pour the hydrogen peroxide in the mouth and let go quickly so it is forced to swallow the liquid. If you can, try to put the spoon as far back of the mouth as possible so you are sure that the liquid goes down the throat.

As the hydrogen peroxide bubbles in the dog’s throat, it will instantly initiate the gag reflex in the dog. This means that you need to step back, because your pet is about to have an explosion of whatever was in its stomach. You clearly don’t want to be in the firing range.

You want to make sure that the contents of whatever it threw up are removed as quickly as possible. A dog will gladly eat the contents of its own vomit, and you don’t want to have to do this again. Now you know how to make a dog throw up.

What to Watch for in Your Dog

Now that you understand how to make a dog throw up, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. The first of these is that if you find your dog throwing up bile you may have an issue. Bile is important in the digestive process, and is usually stored in the liver and that gallbladder. If it gets into the stomach then it will act as an irritant, causing the dog to vomit.

How you can tell it is bile is that the color of the vomit will have a very distinct yellow color to it. You should not be alarmed immediately if you see this. This kind of buildup is frequent for dogs who are awaiting being fed. What happens is that if the dog is used to eating at a specific time and the meal is late by an hour or more, the dog is trained to be ready to eat at the appointed time and the digestive process has already begun, but no food is present. This causes the bile buildup, and vomiting will occur. You should only be concerned if you notice the dog throwing up bile hours after throwing up white foam

Another issue is if the dog throwing up white foam. This most often occurs when the dog has eaten something that does not agree with its body in some way. The dog will, as a result, begin to eat grass so that it can force itself to throw up. Some dogs will even lick the hair off the ground to cause themselves to get an irritated stomach so they will vomit.

The fact that you see the dog throwing up white foam may not be cause for concern unless it continues. If you find that the dog is continuing to make him or herself vomit repeatedly then you have an issue, and you should take the dog to the vet immediately. This may be a serious condition called Bilious Vomiting Sydrome and can lead to severe digestive issues if not treated.

Now you should know how to help your dog if she or he has some kind of issue. These instructions will give you the needed information to resolve the problem promptly and effectively, helping your dog stay happy and healthy.

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