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How long cats are pregnant ?

How long cats are pregnant ?

Is Your Cat Pregnant? Here Is How to Know

Congratulations! You are about to be the proud owner of the kittens. At least that is the way it seems but you are really not sure. You may be asking yourself, “Is my cat pregnant?” If so, you may want to know a little about how long cats are pregnant for. So here are answers for you.

How to Know if Your Cat Is Pregnant

So let’s answer your first question, “Is my cat pregnant?” you should be aware that a female cat can go into heat every two to three weeks from the spring all the way through the early fall. That is a long time and there will likely be many opportunities for your cat to become impregnated, especially if she is an outside cat. Just being honest with you that if you have not had your cat spayed then you are looking at the good possibility that she is going to be pregnant.

There are signs that show that the cat is likely pregnant. One of the most common is when the nipples on the cat’s belly become much more prominent. This is a real good sign that she is pregnant, because she is preparing to nurse the kittens after they are born.

Weight may not be an issue for up to 30 dates after conception. You may not see any noticeable weight change in your cat for at least that long, so by the time that you notice this, your cat is probably farther along than you imagined.

If you want to be sure, you can take your cat into the vet. They can do an ultrasound to check and see if your cat is going to have kittens. They can also tell the number of kittens she will have, something you may want to know, and how far along the cat is in the gestation period.

How long cats are pregnant ?

The next thing you may want to know is how long cats are pregnant for. The average gestation period for a cat is 64-67 days. There is a lot to do for your cat during this period if you want to help her. Of course, cats have been having kittens on their own for a millennium, so they know what to do on their own, but you may want to help her, which is a very kind thing to do for the expectant long cats are pregnant

Just like a human being, a cat may have morning sickness. This is usually either a lack of appetite or some small vomiting. Most of this will occur in the morning time or when the cat awakens from long naps. You will need to be a little compassionate with your expectant mommy during this time. If you find that the vomiting lasts longer than a few weeks or that the cat is still not eating, make sure to take her to the vet.

Cat pregnancy stages

There are a few cat pregnancy stages with the first including fatigue as part of the throwing up. In the first stage the hormones for the cat change greatly, so this will bring on longer and more frequent periods of fatigue.

After a few weeks the cat moves into the second stage. In this stage lack of appetite is replaced by a desire to eat more. This is when you will start to see weight gain. Your cat will probably need about 50 percent more food as she is getting closer to having the kittens. That is perfectly normal. It is probably a good idea to either add a small amount of kitten food to her meal or to add food for pregnant cats. This will ensure that the cat is getting all the nutrients that she needs for the kittens as well. Check out the recommended human foods for my cat pregnant

The one thing you will not want to do is, make drastic changes in the cat’s diet. Many owners decide that they should pamper the expectant mother with a lot of canned food after the cat has been eating dry food regularly. This may seem like a kind act, but it can actually cause an issue with the digestive system, and may lead to rapid weight loss. The cat will also not desire anything unusual, so don’t feel the need to put pickles and ice cream in her bowl.

You should notice after about 30-40 days that nipples are much more prominent. This is just part of the cat pregnancy stages. She will keep these clean, but you should be aware that she will be shedding off her fur from her belly. Don’t be alarmed if you see large clumps.

The one thing you want to be really careful about during this time is to ensure that the mom cat has been fully vaccinated. If not, you will want to do this as soon as you are aware that she is pregnant. The problem with not doing so is that the any virus the mother contracts will easily pass to the kittens. This can cause death or deformity in the kittens. Check with your pet to make sure the shots are updated.

Preparing for the Birth

When the cat is close to the time that she is going to have the kittens she will begin to find a place to have her litter. This is usually in a place that allows for some privacy, so don’t be surprised if you find her looking in your bedroom closet or in a cabinet. These seem ideal. Of course, the problem is that if you do not know where this is she will just have her kittens and this can leave a big mess.

If you are able to lead her to a place, which is quite possible, then you may want to do this. This allows you to lay our newspaper and blankets that not only provide a good environment for the cat, but also protect your floor or carpet.

You will find that no more than 67 days later the cat will have her liter, usually 2-5 kittens. You may wonder how long cats are pregnant at first and wonder if it will ever occur, but it will go by quickly, and then you will have a whole bunch of balls of fur running around.

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