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How Much Does It Cost To Board A Dog?

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Dog?

Owning a dog is certainly one of the most precious things to do. However, the responsibility that lies behind it is quite easier said than done. You will have to treat them like a human being, feed them, bathe them, play with them and so many more things that a dog needs.

One problem is that, you have to be with them always especially if they need some water or food. But there are times that we may want to have some vacation to visit some relatives or to unwind from a heavy and stressful work. Having a dog with you during a vacation might not be a good idea since they may just have to take most of your valuable time to enjoy the sceneries or activities.

A good alternative or a solution for such kind of situation is to leave them with a family member, a reliable friend or neighbor for them to give some food or water to your pet dog. On the other side, you may also want to enrol them on a house or place them on a boarding for dogs.

Some people though may be bothered regarding how much does it cost them to be able to board a dog. This part already depends on the place or company that you would like your dog to be boarding with. The costs may vary depending on the services that they offer.

Some of the boarding for dogs are very lavish that they look like a high-class resort while some are just a simple office of a veterinarian. There is also some boarding for dogs that already offer complementary grooming, massage for dogs, aromatherapy and some other services that are so beneficial for a dog’s comfort.

Things To Consider When Trying Finding A Boarding For Dogs

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Dog

When you are looking for a boarding for dogs, you must first trust your instincts. The first moment that you have entered the boarding for dogs, you must already know that it is a good vacation place for your pet or not.   Also, be certain that the overall kennel, indoor and outdoor runs for dogs are dirt-free and orderly. The boarding for dogs should also be free from any foul or offensive odors so as not to disturb the cleanliness of the dog. The ventilation for dogs should also be good that there are no bad odors that can be smelled from the inside or outside of the boarding.

The boarding for dogs should also have a comfortable temperature for dogs. The place should not be so hot or cold for dogs. They should feel comfortable to sleep on the boarding for dogs. You may also check if the place has an outdoor area where the dogs can play around. The outside area should be clean and should be made of concrete or gravel. It may also be good to have some questions regarding how many times they clean the indoor and outdoor area.

There is some boarding for dogs that are asking for some proof regarding your vacation so you may want to save your plane tickets or passports so you can show it to them. The moment that you decide that your dog will be staying on a boarding for dogs, some people who are responsible of keeping of your dog for you while you’re on a vacation will be showing you the place where your dog will temporary be residing.

The outside part of the boarding for dogs must be fully secured so that you won’t be worried that the dogs will find some places where they can go outside and run away. Lastly, leaving them might not only be painful for you but also not good for your dog as well, so it may be good to leave their favourite toys with them when you leave.

You should always think about your dog at all times so you may want to show that you are not showing any signs of leaving when you are trying to separate with your dog. Never give a sorry tone when you talk to them for they may sense that you will be leaving at any point of time. You should only make short goodbyes to them and make them feel loved. As you return from your vacation, you might be surprised for it may not just be only you who enjoyed the vacation but your dog as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Dog?

There are various prices in every keen and you might find some of them cheap or pricey depending on the different facilities and services that they will give to your dog. Some of them are charging per night rather than per day so this may be a good choice for you. You will have to pick them at noon so as to avoid paying for the day charge.

There are also boarding for dogs that won’t give additional charges to special diets, playtimes, treats and some other needs of the dog so you may want to consider these freebies when you are trying to find some places for your dog. For those who will board for the first time, the fee may a little bit more expensive as for those dogs that have been boarding on such place for quite some time.

Some facilities charge additional $20 for their first visit or a whole day care and for some facilities, they don’t charge for puppies which are 4 months old and below. In terms of boarding, there are some places that may charge about $45 per night for each dog.

For those who may be boarding more than one dog, they may acquire some discount as much as 20 percent which may become $36 per night. There are some places that may add some professional assessment charges which may be given for first time dogs that may be going to the boarding for dogs. Some may charge about $20 for that evaluation done by professionals.

The day care for dogs for a whole day may take up to $28 for each dog every day. On the other side, for those dogs that will just be staying on the boarding for dogs in just half day, they may be charged with $20 per dog. Again, additional $20 will be given for professional assessment for the first timer dogs. The total feel for each full day may be up to $48.

This may cost a bit expensive for some, but you need not to worry because there are some boarding for dogs that are offering some discounts for those dogs that have been visiting their boarding for many times. For a 10 full day visit for dogs, they will obtain a 10 percent discount from some boarding for dogs. They may pay about $252 for a 10 day care with the boarding.

They may also be given a card for such kind of discounts so they can show it to the managers or to those who are working on the boarding for dogs. Another kind of discount that are being offered to loyal dogs is the 15 percent discount that can be achieved by those dogs that have 20 full day visits on the boarding. They can be given a punch card that can be shown to the staffs so that at least they can have some discount from the full payment that the owners will have to pay.

Grooming On The Boarding For A Dog

Grooming is an essential part for every dog. This kind of service is certainly part of the services for boarding for a dog. However, taxes may be added to all certain forms of grooming services. Bath which may include the cleaning of the ears of dogs may range up to $28 to $32 depending on the weight of the dog. Fewer than 50 pounds dogs will pay lesser amount as compared to those dogs that are heavier.

Trimming of nails for dogs may cost the owner $14. While for those owners who would like to avail the bath and nail trimming combination, they will have to pay $40 for both services. Rinsing which may include the cleaning of the ear may be about $15. The combination of trimming nails and rinsing may be $26. The anal gland expression is also done in some boarding for dogs.

However, this kind of services is not recommended to be done frequently because this may not be beneficial for dogs and may cause some harmful effects if it is done frequently. But for those owners of dogs who would like to avail this service, they will have to pay $20.

There are also some discounts given for those dogs that have been frequently visiting the boarding for dogs for grooming services. For those dogs that have had 10 baths and weighing less than 50 pounds, they can avail a 10 percent discount and will only have to pay $271.50 for the grooming.

For the dogs that have a weight of over 50 pounds, they will have to pay $310.30 and will also be given a 10 percent discount. Lastly, there is also a 10 rinse card given for some dogs and will have to be given a 10 percent discount, in which the owners will have to pay $145.50.

If 10 percent is not good enough for you, then there are also higher discounts that are being offered for the loyal owners and dogs. There is a 15 percent discount given to dogs that weigh less than 50 pounds that may have had 20 baths and will have to pay a total of $512.80.

There is also a discount of 15 percent given to dogs that may weight higher than 50 pounds and will have to pay around $586.20. There is also a 20 rinse card being given to owners and can avail a 15 percent discount from the total amount that they will have to pay. This may only cost them about $274.80.

Training for dogs

Training of dogs is also being given as a service for some boarding of dogs. There are on site trainings that are being given privately for dogs. A 90-minute initial assessment and training of dog may cost about $135. There is also 60-minute training for certain dogs and may cost about $95. Lastly, the cheapest for the private session is the 30-minute focused training private session that may cost about $55.

For the owners who don’t want their dogs to go to other places but their home, there are also training services that are done at home. A 90-minute initial assessment and training service for dogs may be about $150. For a 60-minute training that is done at home, the owner may be charged with $125 for the services. There are also additional charges that may apply depending on the location of the dog that will be trained. Group training classes are also being done with dogs.

This may be a good training activity for dogs for their socialization skills. The prices may depend on the class that is being provided by each boarding for a dog. In-house training for dogs are also being done in some places. The Chelsea’s Charm School is offering a board and training for dogs which may cost about $25 for every 15 minutes while the dogs are staying on the boarding for dogs.

The Charm School is also offering a 10 percent discount for those dogs that have had 10 sessions with them which may cost around $225. There is also a 15 percent discount being given for dogs that may have had 20 sessions with them and may cost around $425.

Veterinary services

Veterinary services are also being done while the dogs are staying on a boarding for dogs. But this kind of services may already depend on the owner. There is some boarding for dogs that are asking for $15 fee for such kind of service.

These are some just few of the information that you may need to know regarding how much does it cost to be able to board a dog. You need not to worry anymore about leaving your dog while you are on a vacation for they too, may also be enjoying their stay on the boarding for dogs because of the luxurious facilities and amenities that are being given by some establishments.

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