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Low Fat Dog Food And Treats

Low Fat Dog Food And Treats

Helping Your puppy to Stay Healthy and Fit wit low fat dog food

It seems like you can’t turn on the television today without seeing a commercial about how to lose weight. Everyone is looking for ways to improve themselves, and weight seems to be one of the biggest issues. We live in an obese society, according to all the medical research out there, and so losing weight and eating healthy are two of the biggest topics you will find being discussed these days.

Sadly, the phenomenon is even hitting out pets. There are many dogs that are finding themselves on the plus side of where they should be, and this is causing many dog owners to look for low fat dog food to feed their pet so they can help the animal to overcome this problem.

Why Does My Dog Need to Lose Weight?

Many people will read this article and think this is ridiculous. If the dog is overweight who really cares? It is really the owner’s prerogative as to how much their dog weighs and if they want to feed the animal a bunch of stuff so it is 10 or 15 pounds over where it should be then that is the owner’s choice. Butt out is what many will say.low fat dog foods

They would be right to some extent. That is the individual’s pet and they have the right to raise it and care for it in any way they would like. Just like their child, no one should tell the owner how to care for their pet.

Let’s get a little food for thought though. There are serious issues why you do not want to let your dog get overweight or allow it to stay that way should it be on the plus side. Let’s start with the most obvious, which is the health of the dog.

Just like in humans, being overweight can manifest itself in a whole series of problems that can have a dramatic effect on the health of your dog. For example, a person who is overweight can develop diabetes. Well, so can your dog. In fact, your dog is just as susceptible to catching this disease as humans are, especially if it has been found in close kin to the dog. Diabetes can be quite serious in a dog because it is much more difficult to manage.

There are other health issues that you should know. Obesity in a dog can lead to heart disease, kidney failure, and digestive disorders. A dog is supposed to be active, but if they are not doing so because they are overweight, its body will turn on itself and can cause real issues.

There is also the problem of that much weight on the dog’s frame. This can lead to issues with the dog’s legs, and is a huge issue for the hips. The back legs will take the brunt of that weight and this can mean the dog will have much more difficulty being able to walk later in life. An inability to walk can then lead to incontinence, poor appetite, and further decay. No one wants to see their dog suffer this way.

The Solution

You can go out and buy low fat dog food that will really help to solve the problem. There are many great brands that are ideal in helping the dog to lose weight, and help to also make them much more active.

The brands of low fat dog food vary depending upon what you are looking for. There are kinds for smaller sized dogs, and ones for large dogs. Brands that accommodate the weight loss of older dog and puppies. It is a mixed bag that is done to fit the needs of your dog. Consider that not every dog needs the same kind of diet food. For example, puppies still need a lot of nutrition because they are still growing. To give them the same diet food as an adult dog may put their health at risk. An older dog cannot digest foods as easily as a younger one. This means that they need a different kind of food as well. There are brands that will meet your needs to so do not worry about finding the right low fat dog food for your animal.Low fat dog food

You do not need to necessarily buy a low fat dog food however. You can accomplish many of the things you want to do by feeing the dog things that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. If you remember the Atkins diet from years ago, which was a no carbohydrate diet, this is what is needed for your dog. You can simply feed foods that are high in protein and fiber, while removing carbohydrates.

Many canned foods can do this for you. They are just what the doctor ordered, but you can also serve foods that you prepare yourself. Vegetables are a great filler that also have a lot of minerals and nutrients that your dog needs. You can also add things like egg, boiled chicken, ground beef, and nuts. All of these things are good for your dog, and will help in your battle of the bulge.

Get Up and Get Moving

That is just half the battle. You cannot expect to just change the diet and get the results you want. It is time to get your dog up and start to get him or her a lot more active. This means the dog should take at least a thirty minute walk every day. You should look to do other activities with the animal that will get it more active, like throw a ball it needs to chase, or even take it to the dog park and let it run around with other dogs.

The more active you get your dog the better, but be smart about it. If your dog has been used to just sitting around for most of the last few months and you all of a sudden demand 30 or 40 minutes of activity a day you may cause him or her to have a heart attack. Seriously!

Work into it gradually.


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