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Everything About Low Protein Dog Foods

Everything About Low Protein Dog Foods

The Pros and Cons of a Low Protein Diet for Your Dog

In this article you will learn about low protein dog food. It seems like no matter what species of animal you are, there seems to be quite conflicting information about what is considered to be healthy. The information changes daily it seems. It just appears that doctors seem to have no idea about whether something is really good for you or not.

This seems to be the case with the dog as well. Yesterday’s good advice about how to treat your dog and care for him or her, has now been superseded by ideas that contradict yesterday’s view. Veterinarians, in their attempt to come up with the best possible health plan for a dog, are changing the way that you should care for and feed your animal.

While this may seem to be a bit cumbersome at times, you should also consider the fact that the dog is more than just a pet. This is man’s best friend after all, and many consider their dog to be a part of the family. This is why seeking after the very best health plan for your dog is quite essential to many people. They want their animal to be around for as long as possible and don’t want to take the risk of doing something to harm him or her. This health plan begins with the food that many choose for their animal.low protein dog food

Many years ago, it was believed that high protein diets were good for your dog. That’s were proposing the idea that since dogs are carnivores that providing them with a high protein diet was the way to go. This is no longer the case.

Low protein dog food is now the one that is being pushed by many vets. While this is a controversial idea, there is good reason to believe that low protein dog food is the way to go. The health benefits seem to be much more in favor of increasing the length of your dog’s life as well as making that life a much better life because of the low protein diet.

Is low protein dog food good for your dog?

It does seem rather odd that protein would not be in the favor of your pet. After all, dogs love me and their teeth specifically made to be able to handle the records of tearing and chewing the flesh of other animals. This is why it seems almost illogical to have the idea that your dog would not be eating a high-protein diet.

The truth of the matter is that research has clearly shown that high protein diets can have a serious impact on your dog’s health. The consequences are not positive at all. It begins with the effect that high-protein has on the kidneys.

Two of the most common ailments that dogs get as a result of having a high-protein diet are chronic canine kidney failure, which is also known as canine renal failure, and acute canine kidney failure. The increased amount of protein not only negatively impacts the kidneys, but can cause an absolute shutdown of the kidneys themselves. This can be fatal to the health of the dog, and will always lead to death. There is no treatment for this illness, and this is why many doctors are prescribing the idea of reducing down the amount of protein in a dog’s diet.

The shutting down of the kidneys is not the only problem. Dogs can also develop canine kidney disease, also known as canine renal disease, which can also cause a major problem for the dog. This makes it so that the dog’s kidneys cannot properly remove waste and other byproducts in the blood, and will eventually lead to the death of the animal.

High-protein can also cause the dog to develop urinary stones. Just as kidney stones are incredibly painful to human beings, these urinary stones are no different to animals.

Congestive heart failure is another issue that results from too high a protein amount in the diet of the dog. The increased amount of protein can be detrimental to the health of the heart, and can eventually lead to death as well.

Choosing Better Proteins for Your Dog

While a low protein dog food is being recommended by many vets, there are those that are much more specific in what they propose for the health of your dog. Many pet doctors are not believing that a decrease in protein is needed, but are instead proposing a diet with fewer nitrogen byproducts in the dog’s food.

Their belief is that the high-protein is not an issue at all. The real problem is that the increased amount of nitrogen is the issue. By reducing this, the kidneys are in a much better position to remain viable and healthy.low protein dog foods

Restricting the Phosphorus Is the Key

Another option that is being proposed by many vets is to decrease the amount of phosphorus that is in the food that your dog needs. These specialists believe that protein is absolutely essential, even in high amounts, but the increased amount of phosphorus that is present in many kinds of dog foods is the real issue. They believe that by decreasing the amount of phosphorus in the diet will remove the risk of kidney disease and increase the health benefits for your dog.

So What Is the Right Answer?

It is a dilemma. You want to make sure that you’re caring properly for your dog, and low protein dog food seems to be the solution. Truthfully, it may be the answer that’s best for you, as long as you don’t remove protein completely from the diet of the animal.

What seems to be plainly apparent is that it is things with in the dog food that are the real issue. It may not be the problem with the amount of protein, but instead looks to be something related to the amount of phosphorus and nitrogen within the diet. What this should tell you is that you may not need to restrict the amount of protein for your dog all. However, you should be aware that if you do have an older dog that reducing down to a low-protein dog food diet is in the best interest of your animal.

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