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What are the best human foods for cats?

What are the best human foods for cats?

The Foods You Eat That Are Good For Your Cat

For many people, there cats are as much a part of the family as mom, dad, or the kids. They are a vital member that helps to bring joy and peace to the household. Because of this, many owners want to treat the pet like they are a part of the family, including feeding them foods that the rest of the family would eat. The question that many have is what are some human foods for cats? In other words, what human foods can cats eat? That is a good question, so here are some that your cat will be perfectly fine if he or she eats.

Here is the list of Human foods for cats:


Let’s start with the basics. The best human foods for cats are meats, and they are also the ones that cats will enjoy the most. The very best of these is fish, which most cats absolutely love. Because fish is so high in minerals and vitamins it is especially good for your feline.human foods for cats

However, this is not the only meat that would be good for your cat. There is nothing wrong with cooked chicken or turkey. Many cat foods you buy, whether dry food or canned, includes turkey and chicken, and they are very healthy for your cat. Of course, it needs to be cooked. Uncooked turkey or chicken is one example of what can cats not eat.

Beef is also good. It does not need to be cooked, but you should ensure that as much fat as possible is removed.


A great example of human foods for cats that is really good for the animal, but is a controversial one is eggs. While eggs have a lot of nutritional value, there is concern that your cat could catch salmonella. The recommendation is to cook them by boiling or scrambling the eggs before serving it to your feline.

Baby Food

This is an especially good option if your cat is sick. The same qualities that make it good for a baby are the things that make it good for your cat. They are easy to digest, but you want to make sure that you don’t serve them in jars that have onion or garlic in the baby food. Both are quite poisonous to a cat.


Rice is a stable diet for virtual animal you will find, and many dried cat foods already contain rice in them. This means that you are perfectly fine to serve your cat this dish as well. As a suggestion, it is a good idea to mix it with some chicken and add some of the chicken broth to the rice. Your cat will absolutely love it for sure. This is an especially good idea if you find that either the chicken and/or the rice is dry. Adding some broth will cause the cat to want to eat it, but it will also make it much easier to eat.

Cooked Vegetables

Believe it or not, your cat will eat vegetables. This is another one of those items that is frequently found in dried cat food, so you know it is a great example of what humans eat that cats eat as well. The additional of vegetables is great for fiber for the cat, greatly reducing hairballs. Cats most likely will eat pumpkin, carrots and broccoli, but it is ok to experiment. Keep in mind that onions are out.


Cheese is a great additive to your cat’s food and will really help to keep him or her healthier. Most grate the cheese and pour it over the top of the meal, but you can also just cut it into small chunks. Some cats will even enjoy cottage cheese, so you can give that a whirl. You should avoid giving your cat really soft cheese such as camembert or brie because these have been found to be bad for the feline digestive tract.


This is kind of a weird one, but there is nothing wrong with giving your cat butter two or three times a week. All that you need to do is add about a teaspoon to the cat’s food and that should cover it. You will find that butter really helps the cat’s digestive tract as well, and will aid in helping the cat to easier pass hairballs. It does not matter if you cut it into small pieces or melt it and pour it over the cat’s food.


If you can be health conscious, why not your cat? Plain yogurt is absolutely ideal for your cat, but fruity ones is a great example of what cats should not eat. The sugars in the fruity brands are not good for the cat at all. You will find that the bacteria that is in yogurt is not only good for you, but good for your cat as well. This can help to put good bacteria into your cat’s gut, helping digestion and making him or her healthier. Be aware that some cats are lactose intolerant, so they may not be able to handle the yogurt.

What Can Cats Not Eat

what human foods can cats eat

We have talked a little about this here, but you should be aware that there are human foods for cats, and there are those that are most definitely not for cats. We talked about onions, garlic, and fruity yogurt, but there are others. Grapes and raisins are also bad because they can cause kidney failure in cats.

Chocolate is the worst of them. As this is bad for dogs it is also bad for cats. This can cause problems for the heart, muscle tremors and seizures. Caffeinated drinks are definitely out. Things such as tea, coffee and energy drinks can cause rapid heartbeat and breathing.

Dairy products can cause vomiting, primarily because a lot of cats are lactose intolerant. While yogurt is tolerable and even good for the cat, as is cheese, serving milk can be bad for some cats. If you find that your cat is vomiting or having severe diarrhea, then avoid serving this.


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