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What can cats eat? Healthy diet for your Cat.

What can cats eat? Healthy diet for your Cat.

What can cats eat? Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining a Healthy Diet for Cats

Cats are interesting creatures that have intrigued humans throughout history. Ancient Egyptians were known to worship cats and other feline creatures. Having a cat can be one of the greatest joys that one can experience. However, being a cat owner is also a large responsibility that should not be taken lightly. People often wonder what can cats eat without cause digestive disturbances. There are many foods that cats should not eat, but many pet owners are not aware of these foods.

Meat Protein Keeps Cats Healthy and Happy

People also wonder what do kittens eat that will keep them healthy. Since cats are mainly carnivorous, they crave meat just like people do. Cats need certain protein and nutrients in order to remain healthy and live long lives. In order for your feline companion to maintain good vision, hearing, and a healthy strong heart, cats require protein from meat. Meat protein also can help your cat or kitten’s reproductive system healthy and functioning properly. The best way to meet this diet requirement for your cat is to provide them with the following meat proteins:

  • Cooked beef – Cooked beef is high in meat proteins that your cat will love. There are many ways that you can feed your cat cooked beef. Brands like Blue Buffalo, Newman’s Own Organics, and Iams all provide cat food that contains this essential item of your cat’s diet. Feel free to pass your cat a bowl full of cooked beef whenever you enjoy the food. However, cooked beef is just one part of meat protein that your cat will need to stay healthy.
  • Chicken – Raw chicken or other raw meats have the potential to cause cats to become ill. Chicken is a great source of protein for cats. However, it is important to remember that if you wouldn’t eat the chicken, you should definitely not feed it to your cat. Pro Plan, Wellness Complete Health, and Nature’s Variety are all great brand options that are affordable and meet the basic nutrition needs of your cat.
  • Deli meats – Deli meats that are lean are a good way for your cat to obtain protein. It is important to remember that lean deli meats should be given sparingly to prevent cats from gaining unnecessary weight. If you ask me what can cats eat and what cats should eat then these are my suggestions.

Protein from Foods Other Than Meat

What can cats eat beside meat? There are a lot human food for cats as well without upsetting their stomachs or endangering their health. People who eat oats for breakfast can give their cat a bowl without worrying because oats are high in protein. Other grains your feline friend can eat with you include barley and brown rice. These foods are easy to make, taste delicious, and both people and their pets can enjoy them together. The family cat can official enjoy the family dinner right along with the family. Bread and bread crumbs can also be added to oats, rice, and barley without causing the cat any harm. Here is the list what can cats eat beside meat:

  • Another fantastic treat your cat will thank you for is fish that is thoroughly cooked. Giving a cat raw fish may seem harmless, but it ultimately could cause serious illness for your cat friend. When preparing a fish treat for your cat, be sure to prepare the fish to the correct cooking temperature. Again, if you would not eat the fish you should not serve it to your cat. Food safety is not just important for people. It is also important to their feline friends.
  • Eggs are known for being nature’s super food. Eggs can provide a lot more nutrients than just protein for both cats and humans. Eggs are packed with Omega 3s that both cats and humans need for healthy brain function. Just like meat, eggs need to be thoroughly cooked before served. Unfortunately, cats cannot enjoy eggs that are over easy.
  • Most cats are not known for being vegetable lovers. However, there are a few cats that will eat vegetables. These are foods that are good for your cat and can be eaten raw without harming your pet cat. Feeding your cat a veggie burger every now and then is a sneaky way to make sure that your cat is eating their vegetables.
  • Instead of giving your cat milk to drink, try giving them cheese to eat instead. Cheese is a great snack that is full of protein. Some cats don’t react well to dairy. Cheese may cause stomach upsets for the cat. If you give your cat a cheesy snack, be sure to watch them closely afterwards. If they experience stomach problems, it may be best to avoid cheese altogether.

What can cats not eat

what do cats like to eat

People ask themselves what do cats like to eat, but not all things that cats like to eat are good for them. Many pet owners are under the misconception that animals like cats enjoy raw meats. While cats may like eating raw meats, it is not at all good for the raw items to be served to cats. The same reaction people have to consuming raw foods like meat and eggs is the same reaction cats have. There are many foods that can be toxic to felines that many pet owners are not aware of. These foods can include, but are not limited to, the following:



  • Chocolate – Chocolate can make cats sick. When a cat consumes chocolate in high amounts, the results can be catastrophic. Eating chocolate can kill cats within hours of consumption. If you notice that your cat has gotten into your chocolate stash, you should take them to the nearest vet’s office immediately, unfortunately this is something what do cats like to eat, but you should never give to them.
  • Grapes and Raisins – Grapes and raisins are goods that many humans love to enjoy. Felines cannot consume these foods. Acute renal failure is just one of the many complications cats go through if they eat raisins or grapes.
  • Onions and Garlic – Onions and garlic add zest and flavor to many foods, but cats should not be given these foods. Onion and garlic powder, even in small amounts, can be toxic and even fatal for cats. Chives or chive power is another food that pet owners should avoid feeding their cats.
  • Leftovers – Leftovers should not be given to cats because the leftovers may contain foods like onions, garlic, chocolate, or raw foods. Giving your cat leftovers may seem like a good idea and your cat may even enjoy leftovers. However, providing your cat with dinner scraps can be toxic to their overall health.
  • Canned Tuna – It may seem like a harmless act to open a raw of tuna for your cat. But, there are repercussions to treating your pet with a can of tuna. A diet of tuna can cause malnutrition in a cat’s diet and can also lead to weight gain. Feeding your cat a spoonful of tuna as a treat every now and then may result in no problems at all. It could also lead to stomach problems for the cat. Cats can become addicted to tuna like humans became addicted to drugs like caffeine.
  • Dairy Products – In movies, cartoons, and history have provided the public assumption that cats love milk. Putting out a bowl of milk for your furry pal can ultimate cause diarrhea. It is a little known fact that many cats are simply lactose intolerant. Some cats can consume small amounts of cheese as a treat, but milk causes serious stomach issues for your cat.
  • Alcohol – Most people have enough common sense not to give their cat alcohol, but there are those scattered pet owners who give their cat a drink of alcohol. Why these pet owners think their cats need alcohol is unknown, but alcohol can kill cats. Whenever empty alcohol bottles are in the trash, it is important to ensure that your cat cannot reach them. It is also important to avoid spilling alcohol that your cat may be quick to lap up. A cat weighing approximately five pounds can be killed with just two tablespoons of alcohol.
  • Caffeine –While humans can enjoy coffee and other sources of caffeine, cats cannot. There is no antidote that can save a cat’s life if they have ingested products containing caffeine. Caffeine poisoning symptoms cause be recognized. If your cat is restless or having a hard time breathing, this may be a sign they have consumed caffeine. Other symptoms include tremors of the muscles and heart palpitations.
  • Household Items – Items like toothpaste can be fatal to cats. Be sure to put the toothpaste cap back on the tube and place it in a safe area your cat cannot find it. Diet foods, sugarless gum, and even baked goods can harm your cat. Take precautions by placing these harmful items far away from the reach of your cat.
  • Bones – Bones can splinter and get caught in the throat of your cat. Avoid giving cats bones to avoid lacerations in the throat, mouth, and stomach of your pet. Fat or trim can also cause serious digestive issues for your cat. Avoid these foods to keep your cat friend happy and healthy for a longer period of time.


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